OKM Bionic X4 - Long Range Gold Metal Detector

OKM Bionic X4 - Long Range Gold Metal Detector
with Android Smart Phone. Used to Find Buried Objects at Long Distances by Using Cross Pinpointing to Determine the Exact Position of the Located Object

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Manufacturer: OKM

OKM Bionic X4 - Long Range Gold Metal Detector

with Android Smart Phone - Used to Find Buried Objects at Long Distances by Using Cross Pinpointing to Determine the Exact Position of the Located Object

The Bionic X4 gold long range detector has been developed especially for gold seekers, gold prospectors and treasure hunters, who are looking for gold at far distances. Unlike traditional long range detectors the Bionic X4 can be combined with an Android Smart Phone to visually locate gold targets. The fully automated Bluetooth connection between the Smart Phone and Bionic X4 transfers scan data directly to the Smart Phone where the data is mapped to the display. So the treasure hunter is able to see the bearing, direction and image through the Smart Phone’s camera and fix it for later analysis.


Warranty : 2 Year Limited
Frequency : 2.4 - 2.4835 GHz
Total Weight : 1.7 lbs (0.78 kgs)
Processor : Atmel AtMega CPU, 14,7 MHz
Data Transmission Technology : Bluetooth
Searching Systems : Ionization System and Bio-Energy System
Laser : Laser Pointer for Directional Reference (especially at night)
Factory Included Accessories:
Control Unit
User Manual
Smart Phone
USB Cable & Charger
Powerpack, Charger, Travel Adapter
Waterproof & Shock Resistant Peli Case

OKM Bionic X4 - Long Range Gold Metal Detector
Bionic X4 Long Range with Android Smart Phone is Used to Find Buried Objects at Long Distances
By Using Cross Pinpointing the Exact Position of the Located Object can be Determined
Detection Methods for Gold Hunting
The Bionic X4 long range gold detector supports two different detection methods to locate hidden gold treasures:

Ionic Detection Method (Ions-Chamber-System): The Ionic Detection Method measures the ions radiation(ions absorbent) of buried gold objects. This detection method is only able to locate long time buried gold artifacts.
Bionic Detection Method (Bio-Energy-System): During the detection of gold the Bionic Detection Method interacts with the Bio-Energy of the operator's body to analyze minimum changes of object substances.Thereby the Bionic X4 gold detector is able to locate almost all gold objects.Independent of the age of the gold, the Bio-Energy-System can be used to find freshly buried gold, long time buried gold as well as golden artifacts that are not buried.
Bionic X4
Camera view of the Android Smart Phone with Digital Compass for Navigation (directional reference)
Typical Applications of Gold Hunting
Due to the dual scan methods the Bionic X4 gold detector is usable for many tasks like gold prospecting. The main applications of this gold long range detector are:

Detection of natural gold, i.e. gold nuggets, gold dust, gold veins, alluvial gold or gold ore in hard rock and quartz
Detection of buried gold, i.e. gold jewelry, gold statues, gold rings, gold coins or gold bars (gold bullions)
The Bionic X4 gold detector works not only in dry grounds, it is also suitable for humid places, wet soils and can be used after rainy days without any limitations.

The Bionic X4 gold long range detector reaches best performances in sparsely populated areas. Since the Bionic X4 is very sensitive to changes of the ionic and bionic fields, the accuracy increases greatly in undisturbed or undeveloped areas.

The smart phone's user interface and the OKM application is available in the following languages:

Version A: English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Ελληνικά, Türkçe, Italiano, Nederlands, Pусский
Version B: English, Français, فارسی, عربي
Using the included Android Smart Phone increases the Bionic X4 functionality and ease of use:

Visual focusing of targets
Optical fixation of detection direction
Digital compass for navigation (directional reference)
On-Site Gold Hunting with Bionic X4
The Bionic X4 gold long range detector and all of our other Long Range detectors are especially used for a fast research and prospecting,to explore areas where hidden gold treasures may be buried. It can be used for a first quick examination of an unknown terrain to find places of interest and buried gold treasures, so it is advisable for gold prospectors and treasure hunters who don't have any clue where to start detecting. The gold prospector can easily and quickly get a general overview of large areas.

The Bionic X4 is especially designed for inaccessible areas where it is hardly possible to walk. Reasons can be accrued forests, rocky mountains or rock faces.

The treasure hunter will use the Bionic X4 gold detector to scan the horizon and find a direction where a higher probability of gold objects could be buried. As soon as the gold direction has been determined, the permanent acoustical signal of the detector will change and the detected direction can be fixed within the display of the Android Smart Phone.

Cross bearing with Bionic X4 to determine position of the gold treasure.
To find out the exact position of the gold you have to process a triangulation bearing with the Bionic X4 gold detector. Therefor you have to scan from at least two or more different directions and check if the detector is always responding to gold. As soon as you confirm two or more positive signals, the point of intersection from all directions marks your potential place of gold.

Bionic X4 and Rover UC Savings Package
Since the Bionic X4 gold long range detector is not able to make any indications about depth and size of the buried gold objects, it is recommended to use another 3d ground scanner to conduct a detailed ground scan analysis. A very good choice is the Rover UC which also uses the Android Smart Phone as controller and field data analyzer.

By using the Bionic X4 you can locate the place where a high probability of gold may be buried under the ground and the Rover UC can detect the exact position and dependent on the ground conditions the depth and size of the gold artifacts or items of great value.

This meteorite was found with the treasure hunting equipment Localizer 3000. The object was situated at a depth of 0,60 m under the ground.
The ancient dagger was located by 3d ground scanner eXp 3000 in a depth of 60 cm. The iron blade is in well preserved condition, there is only a small piece of the wooden handle left. The discovered object is assigned to the Middle Age.
This copper rock was found at a depth of 50 cm by the metal detector Rover Deluxe.
Customers from Greece found this non-metallic glass vase with Rover C in about 1 m depth in neutral soil.
These antique door beaters were located by a Middle East customer in a depth of 140 cm with his metal detecting instrument eXp 4500. The objects are made of gold.
Antique statue was found with the multi-sensor instrument Future 2005 in a depth of 110 cm.
Several gold coins were dug up in Greece. They were situated at about 2 m deep under ground.
The tomb of a shepherd together with his personal belongings like these ancient goat bells were discovered with eXp 4500 and Future 2005 in a depth of 210 cm in clay soil.
An accumulation of gold coins was detected with the treasure detector eXp 5000 in 3,20 m depth in rocky soil.
This sensational discovery of a chest with gold bars was detected with the OKM earth imager eXp 3000 in aprox. 4,50 m depth.
The engine of a fighter plane was located by Future I-160 at about 5 m depth under concrete soil.
A gallery could be located by the metal detector eXp 5000 at 8 m depth. The diameter of this detected tunnel is 1,50 m.
During official tests this historical tunnel was located in a depth of 6 m under pavement. The tunnel has a diameter of 1 m.
This old historic wine cellar was dug up in France. This chamber was situated at 21 m depth.

Technical Specifications:

2 Year Warranty
Control Unit
Waterproof : No
Voltage : 12 VDC
Air Humidity : 5 % - 75 %
Weight : 1.7 lbs (0.78 kgs)
Indication : OLED Display
Feedback : Acoustical, Visual
Processor : Atmel AtMega CPU, 14,7 MHz
Storage Temperature : -4 °F - 140 °F (-20 °C - 60 °C)
Operating Temperature : 32 °F - 158 °F (0 °C - 70 °C)
Operating Time (smart phone at USB) : About 8 Hours
Dimensions (H x W x D) : 10" x 5" x 8" (260 x 140 x 220 mm)
Operating Time (without smart phone at USB) : About 16 Hours
Data Transmission (Bluetooth)
Technology : Bluetooth
Frequency : 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz
Receiving Sensitivity : -85 dBm
Maximum Transfer Rate : 1 Mbps
Maximum Range : Approx. 32' (10 m)
Laser Output : Max. 3 mW
Emitted Wavelength : 650 nm
Laser Class : 3R (EN 60825-1:2007)
Laser Beam Distance : Max. 492' (150 m)
Operating Temperature : 59 °F - 95 °F (15 °C - 35 °C)


2 Searching Systems
Ionization System (ionic mode)
Bio-Energy System (bionic mode)
Wireless Stereo Headphones
Easy to Read Illuminated LED Display
LED Lights for Night Searches (also usable as flashlight)
Laser Pointer for Directional Reference (especially at night)
Shock Resistant and Waterproof Peli Transportation Case including Wheels and Retractable Handle for Easy Transportation