DeltaPulse Long range locator 3000D

DeltaPulse Long range locator 3000D
(control block, two probes, two L-rods, L-rods receiver, two chargers, compass, three batteries 12V/5A, operation manual, hard case)

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Manufacturer: DeltaPulse

DeltaPulse Long range locator 3000D

The long-awaited new look 3000D is now available:

– Twice more powerful (the signal is transmitted twice faster)
– A new look of the electronic block
– A convenient carrying case
– Improved stability of the signal
– Ability to work with PowerBOX for extra power

This long range locator for searching of gold, silver, treasures, other metals and minerals is a product of new generation that is extremely accurate and reliable. The locator is equipped with a generator based on direct digital synthesis and is controlled by a microcontroller. The operation step for this generator is 1Hz.
This locator contains 15 programs, 8 of which for lead, gold, aluminum, silver, bronze, copper and brass, diamonds, iron and 7 that can be customized by the user (personal channels for adjustment in search of gold and silver, as they vary in carats).

The depth of work is 60 meters and the distance ahead – 6 km.
The locator can detect the exact location, depth and composition of the metal.

The kit includes:
– Electronic control unit;
– Dowsing rods;
– Receiver (for the signals from the dowsing rods);
– Cables for connection between modules;
– Probes for contact with the ground;
– Compass;
– Batteries;
– Automatic battery charger;
– Instructions for use.

Shipping size of the case:
Measurements: 47 х 37 х 17cm
Weight: 10 kg